Citroën to turn ‘Blue Monday’ into ‘Feel Good Monday’

Make-a-Wish Ambassador Sile Seoige and comedian Damian Clarke. (Picture: Paul Sherwood)

The “blue” to “feel good” movement invites the public to nominate others for random acts of kindness

Just as we have waved selection boxes goodbye for breakfast and have embarked on our “new year, new me” challenges, it’s no wonder that the new year novelty is starting to wear off.

So much so, that surveys show that Monday, 15 January is the bluest day of the year, “Blue Monday”. Well, it doesn’t have to be…as Citroën is looking to make you feel good by carrying out random acts of kindness to make a real difference and changing the day to Feel Good Monday.

Citroën is inviting people to nominate someone special on Feel Good Monday to receive a well-deserved treat. Maybe your husband’s Christmas gift got lost in the post, or your child’s iPad smashed?

Well, why not get involved and nominate your friend or family member for a prize on the Citroën Ireland facebook page. Each time you nominate a friend to receive a treat on Feel Good Monday with the #CitroenFeelGood, Citroën will make a €2 donation to children’s charity Make-A-Wish Ireland on your behalf, with a target to reach a total donation of €3,000.

The Citroën team, led by Make-a-Wish Ambassador Sile Seoige and comedian Damian Clarke, will also be hitting the streets of Dublin on the January 15 in the convoy of New C3 Aircross Compact SUVs on a mission to spread the Feel Good vibes by carrying out random acts of kindness as they go.

Gareth Crowe, Head of Corporate, Make-A-Wish Ireland, commented, “Make-A-Wish Ireland grants wishes to children between the ages of 3-17 years throughout Ireland. Our mission is to bring hope, strength and most importantly joy to the life of a child experiencing the pain and worry of a life threatening illness and this is why partnerships like this are so vital to our work. We are proud to partner with Citroën Ireland once more in 2018 and greet the new year with positivity and good feelings.”

Speaking about the campaign, Louise Murphy, Marketing Director, Citroën Ireland, said, “We are really looking forward to our second Feel Good Monday! “Feel Good” is what the Citroën brand is all about and is the motivation behind the good work of Make-A-Wish too. Our troop of New Citroën C3 Aircross Compact SUVs are all set to hit the road and share the Feel Good vibes next Monday!”

Pictured launching “Feel Good Monday” is Broadcaster and Make-a-Wish Ambassador, Sile Seoige and Comedian, Damian Clarke with the all New Citroën C3 Aircross Compact SUV.


Airside Motor Park – Swords – Co. Dublin

Follow Citroën Ireland on Facebook for more information on how you can get involved! #CitroenFeelGood