Christmas on the Galtees


Christmas on the Galtees

It was tractors and cars at the ready for the recent Christmas road run held in Anglesboro village, with over 200 vehicles of all shapes and sizes, taking to the road for this annual fundraiser.

Monday, 14 January 2013
11:30 AM GMT

As the clock ticked on to 9am on 27th December last, our band of very willing volunteers in Anglesboro started to arrive at the community centre, in what turned out to be a very busy day for the road run. Holding on to our numbers from last year and even up a few, over 200 tractors and cars arrived in the village and were treated to our finest post Christmas reception, before they took off on our trip around the foothills of the Galtee mountains. Once again on the return, more of the same thanks to all our catering team, who welcomed all the visitors to the village.

One of the highlights of the day was the arrival of this year's star attraction, a very fine Fordson Major, which received first class attention over the last few weeks and led us out on the run.


Keen to ensure all our safety, we started off our morning with Mass at 10.30 in St Patrick’s Church, followed by a blessing of the vehicles before departure. Prayers were also offered for the late Dick Bradley of Newtownshandrum in our Mass, who was a loyal supporter of all vintage events held here over the last 30 years or so.

Our cars and tractors ranged from the oldest (1921) all the way up to 2012, so it was a sight to behold to stand on any corner of the run for up to 45 minutes and watch them all pass by - it was a combination of all shapes and sizes, cabs and cables.

Our thanks as always goes to all our sponsors - The Galtee View Bar who were our main sponsors this year for all our events. Without all your help and support it would not be possible to hold these events. Our thanks also goes to the community of Knockadea who provided stewards for all the corners in your own area, Tom O’Donnell again for the use of the old creamery yard, I don't think even when the creamery was operating that as many tractors emerged from the gates in any one day; to all the participants who took part for without all of you we would have no show and for the care and courtesy shown by you all to other road users is how we are able to hold this show.


The winners of this year's raffle is as follows first prize goes to John Hennessy, Skeheenarinky; second to Pat O’Connor and third prize to Tom Ryan. The driver who struck it lucky on the day was Jos Bailey, Kildorrery, Co Cork.

All going well plans are already underway for next year's run on December 27th a little of the same will be promised.

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