Christmas book giveaway with Beehive

Time for a festive giveaway, and all book worms out there will be delighted to get the chance to take home this special multi-book offering from Beehive, the general-interest imprint of Veritas Publications.

Publishing high-quality non-fiction and children’s books, printed in Ireland, this collection of books come from their spring and autumn releases this year – see for more.

Enter as often as you wish (entry for in this week’s print edition) – the closing date for entries is 10am on Tuesday, December 20th.


– Nature’s Way – A Guide to Green Therapy (Tom Gunning):

Tom Gunning’s book draws upon the latest research to prescribe some practical tips on how to get the best out of the green pharmacies on our doorsteps.

From tuning into the fractal patterns in sunflowers to detecting the unique smell of rocks and soil after rainfall, this book outlines how nature renews, repairs and restores depleted human physiological systems. It can improve a range of mental health issues and support human creativity, cognition and problem-solving.

– Glorious Goddesses of Ancient Ireland (Dr Karen Ward, illustrated by Paula McGloin):

A beautifully illustrated children’s book celebrating nine Irish goddesses. The goddesses depict a diverse range of ages, shapes and sizes, each with incredible stories: Áine, Aisling, Boann, Brigid, Danu, Ériu, Gráinne, the Cailleach and the Morrigan.

Written in an accessible style with fascinating facts and amusing tales, this book will appeal to a wide range of readers. It can be pitched in the industry as a gift book/tourist book and as an educational resource.

Paula McGloin’s captivating illustrations highlight the goddesses’ diversity as well as emphasising their ingenuity, power and magnificence.

– A Breath of Fresh Éire (Olga Balaeva):

A collection of essays, accompanied by stunning photographs, ‘A Breath of Fresh Éire’ celebrates the beauty of the Irish landscape and showcases both famous landmarks and lesser-known locations.

It focuses on experiencing nature in a mindful way, reflecting on the heritage of a place and tuning into emotions that interaction with natural beauty evokes. Whether you have always lived here, made Ireland your new home or are just visiting, this book invites you to come a step closer to the seemingly forbidding beauty of wild Ireland.

Observe, marvel, listen – and let nature fill your heart with inspiration, joy and peace.

– The Song of Brigid’s Cloak (Dr Catherine Ann Cullen, illustrated by Katya Swan):

‘There was a wise woman, we’re all agreed,
some call her Brigid, some call her Bríd.
She grew up kind and she liked a joke
and she always wore a wee small cloak.’

A miserly king is no match for a smart young woman in this lively retelling of the beloved Irish legend of Brigid and her miraculous cloak. Award-winning poet and songwriter Catherine Ann Cullen’s words are brought to life in glowing illustrations by Katya Swan.

Read the story and learn to sing The Song of Brigid’s Cloak!

– How to Be Our Best Self… in Times of Crisis (Stuart Breen and Tom Gunning):

Helping the reader to understand the body’s reaction to crisis and how the physiological response impacts our ways of thinking, often for long periods of time.

By recognising the severe impact a crisis can have on our physical bodies, we learn to appreciate the importance of developing the skills to slow down and rest to allow for necessary repair and regeneration. This book guides us through this process of repair and regeneration in a holistic way, beginning with acceptance.

How to Be Our Best Self… in Times of Chronic Stress (Stuart Breen and Tom Gunning):

Stress can be caused by a single event but chronic stress is caused by a lot of small events building over time. In this important book, the reader is invited to recognise the signs of chronic stress and to take the vital small steps to address its symptoms.

How to Be Our Best Self… with Self-Care: A twenty-four hour manual (Stuart Breen and Tom Gunning):

This much-needed manual provides practical ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routine. In this important book, the reader is encouraged to discover the importance of self-care.

The third book in successful series by Breen and Gunning, it can be dipped into a page or chapter at a time. It can be kept on a car seat or on a desk as a constant reminder of the importance of self-care. Even in the midst of a very stressful life you can still find time to prioritise and practice self-care.