CCTV should be looked at for Fermoy town park, Cllr. says

The installation of CCTV at Fermoy town park needs to be looked at, in light of the serious incident which occurred at the playground recently.

Fermoy Town Council should look at putting CCTV in the town park, Councillor Noel McCarthy suggested at their December meeting.

He said it should be looked at after the awful incident that occurred in the playground in the park in mid November, when a father and his young daughter ended up covered in human excrement which had been smeared on a slide. The action of the culprit or culprits was roundly condemned at the time. Members agreed to discuss the installation of CCTV at a future meeting.


Also at the December meeting, the new park and playground bye-laws were adopted. Members were told there had been no submissions received from people during the period of public consultation.