The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has issued a reminder to pub owners across the country to obey price display laws. In a letter to representative bodies, it stated that consumers must have the opportunity to understand and compare prices in the hospitality sector, particularly in light of rising prices.

Sent to the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland and the Licensed Vintners Association this week, the CCPC’s letter highlights consumer protection law and reminds publicans of the legal requirements about price displays. This follows CCPC inspections in 2023 which resulted in fines being issued to a number of licensed premises.

All licensed premises must post an up-to-date list of drink prices at the door and full price lists indoors everywhere drinks are sold.

Kevin O’Brien, Member of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) said: “Clear price displays are essential to allow consumers to compare prices and make informed decisions about their purchases.

“Businesses are free to set their own prices, but they must be honest and transparent with consumers about those prices. Displaying a price list at the door is the bare minimum, and it’s required by law.”

Under Irish law, it is mandatory for all licensed premises to display two price lists:

1. A comprehensive price list of all drinks on sale. This should be on display in each area drinks are sold.

2. A 16-item list which details the prices of specified drinks, which must be displayed at every entrance to the premises. This list should be on display immediately outside or immediately inside each entrance to a licensed premises.

The CCPC has also reminded publicans that in addition to displaying up-to-date price lists, they must not deceive or mislead consumers about pricing in any other way. Under consumer law, businesses that mislead consumers can be subject to penalties including fines and prosecution.

Businesses can find out more information on price displays on the CCPC website.