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Archive News from North Cork, South Tipperary, East Limerick and West Waterford.

Memories from the Archives – December 1995

Pig farmers, estimated at some 130 people, protested at the importation of 30 boar from the UK market and gathered outside Galtee Deer Care’s...

Memories From The Archives – December 1995

There was a magnificent response to the open day organised to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of Gortroe school in December 1995. So much...

Memories from the Archives – August 1998

As a strong and sincere outpouring of sympathy was felt throughout the Avondhu area for the victims of the terrible bomb blast in Omagh,...

Memories From The Archives – January 1999

A political storm dominated North Cork life 21 years ago as a selection debacle hit one political party. Preparations were under way for Fianna Fail in...

21 Years Ago – a look back at July 1995

The rather unusual case of a male, in his twenties, ‘who had a penchant for lying down in the centre of the road’, came...

Memories from the Archives – September 1998

British movie star, Bob Hoskins was due to spend some time in Glanworth as one of the stars in ‘Felicia’s Journey’, the film based...

Memories from the Archives – January 2000

There were celebrations as Conna native Bridget Noonan celebrated her 102nd birthday. Many people may have been celebrating the turn of the new century...

Memories from the Archives – August 1999

In Tallow, there was frustration as the local Millennium committee were forced to throw in the towel as there was a ‘complete lack of...

Memories from the Archives

Speculation was rife that 'Lord of the Dance' Michael Flatley was set to become a resident of Fermoy. Reliable sources had informed The Avondhu that...

Memories from the Archives – September 1999

A campaign was started by the Irish Council Against Blood Sports (ICABS) to save Fermoy’s ducks from hunters. The ICABS were complaining about a ‘shooting...

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