The funding for the community Text Alert service has come to an end unfortunately in Castlelyons – it is now running on debt and the coffers need to be replenished.

Muintir na Tire / Castlelyons Community Text Alert application forms will hopefully make their way to every household in the parish shortly.

This service is very important to any community and it has been proven that where this service exists, active crime decreases.

All parishioners will need to do is fill in the application form – name, address and telephone number and sign your name.

There are also two questions on the application form regarding security. ‘Home Security’ refers to burglar alarms (CCTV, etc) and ‘Personal Security’ refers to Personal Security Pendants and carbon monoxide alarms.

It may be possible going forward to arrange a deal with a security firm and/or CCTV provider for a community price, depending on interest.

Security pendants are extremely important and reliable, worn around the wrist or the neck, one just has to press it if in any distress, or fearing their security is compromised in any way.

The pendant is programmed to send a message to three people (family or neighbours) notifying that help is required, who will then come and assist the person in need.

Please remember that every €10 is vital to keeping this service viable and of benefit to the whole community.

Understandably, you may wish to share Text Alerts with others, but this defeats the purpose if revenue runs out. Therefore, please complete and return your application forms promptly to the names supplied thereon.