Castlehyde graveyard ‘like a jungle’

Castlehyde graveyard, a location steeped in history with strong connections to the town of Fermoy, is being neglected, according to local man Joe Aherne.

Joe spoke to The Avondhu this week about the deteriorating condition of the graveyard, stating that 'it looks like a jungle’. “I was out there this week and I had to wade through the grass to get to my own parents' grave,” Mr Aherne said.

“It seems disrespectful to our loved ones that this beautiful resting place would be left in such a bad way. I was annoyed when I saw it. I could hardly find my way through to my own family grave."

According to Mr Aherne, the graveyard has a rich history noting that its ties to the town of Fermoy are ‘extremely strong’ in a military and civilian sense.

Patrick McGrath of the Connaught Rangers, a notable historical figure, is buried in the graveyard. A Tipperary native who …

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