If you could message the driver of any car, what would you say? If you could receive a message from your car, what would you want it to say?

These are the questions being raised by Irish car tech start-up, CarAndUs.com. A free new website – www.carandus.com – allows people and service providers to send messages to cars simply by using the registration.

The car in turn can alert the owner when critical items such as NCT and road tax are due. If the vehicle is moving, a new app will facilitate communication over voice control for safety purposes.

Car And Us also aims to save car owners time and money by providing an ‘Instant Quote’ feature for car servicing and tyres through its partner Advance Pitstop. Instant insurance quotes are also on the way.

This is thanks to the sophisticated technology built in conjunction with www.Cartell.ie, which developed quick quote servicing seen on www.bmwservice.iewww.miniservice.ie and other manufacturer websites.

For car fans, or for owners just wanting to know a bit more about their car, there is plenty of free technical information available on www.carandus.com. The site is fully social, but unlike Facebook it is dedicated to car-related content.

There are no adverts and when you post something you can be guaranteed that your car friends will see it.

According to Jeff Aherne, CEO and co-founder: “Cars of the future will communicate with each other and Car And Us is bringing that ability to motorists right now.

Car And Us also provides owners with NCT and tax reminders, plus the ability to get instant quotes for all things motoring – such as servicing, tyres and insurance. We reckon it’s going to change the face of driving as we know it.”

Car And Us has been designed with the connected car in mind. Currently there is debate within manufacturer circles as to whether connected cars should be an extension of our phones, as defined by Apple Car Play and Android Auto, or if manufacturers should build their own infotainment operating systems.

Car And Us allows communication at the web-app level, making it seamless to connect with IOS or Android devices.