BYD expands Irish main dealer network

The ‘strikingly sporty’ BYD SEAL four-door sedan, one of three EV models to be sold by Bolands under their appointment as BYD main dealers in Wexford and Waterford – others being the award-winning ATTO 3 SUV and the all-new BYD DOLPHIN

Motor Distributors Limited (MDL) has announced the appointment of two additional BYD main dealers, both members of the Bolands network of retail dealerships whose appointment to represent BYD is expected to add significantly to the position of BYD on the Irish market.

Expanding the BYD network to five outlets overall – with further appointments to follow – the new Bolands BYD dealerships are located at Inner Ring Road, Waterford and Enniscorthy, and will operate under the name BYD Waterford and BYD Wexford respectively. 

Strategically, the two new dealerships will represent BYD in areas where no dealership existed previously – a move that MDL believes ‘will create an even stronger presence for BYD in areas of the country where the three highly-specified and competitively-priced BYD models ATTO 3, DOLPHIN and SEAL will have a strong customer appeal.’

In terms of timing, the appointments precede the enlargement of the BYD model range, now increased by the arrival alongside the ATTO 3 of their new 4-door C-segment hatchback, DOLPHIN. Also arriving within weeks will be their ‘strikingly sporty’ 4-door D-segment sedan, SEAL which, with DOLPHIN, is from BYD’s ‘Ocean’ series featuring its distinctive ‘Ocean Aesthetics’ design language.

Commenting, Bolands directors, Waterford-based Anthony and Enniscorthy-based Diarmaid Boland said: “we welcome our appointment and the opportunity it brings to offer customers in Wexford and Waterford the chance to share in the value and enjoyment of EV motoring that BYD has brought to Ireland with their award-winning ATTO 3, in their all-new DOLPHIN, and in their stunning new SEAL all of which will be available to view in our showrooms.”

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