Businesses encouraged to sign up to initiative

A major voluntary environmental project, aiming to make Ireland a tap water refilling country and thus preventing plastic waste, by reducing the amount of single use drinking water plastic bottles we consume in Ireland, is being strongly supported by Limerick City and County Council.

The initiative is aimed at tackling the amount of plastic bottles ending up as litter on our streets, waterways and seas.

Businesses in towns and villages throughout the county are now being encouraged to participate in the initiative, which encourages the public to refill their reusable bottle for free from commercial locations.


Sinead McDonnell, Environmental Awareness Officer, for Limerick City and County Council said: “Our Refill team is delighted with the response to this waste-reducing campaign. This project will feature in the 2020 Limerick City Tidy Towns Application and helps Limerick’s profile as European Green Leaf City for 2020.

“The project is a voluntary scheme that allows business to show their commitment to preventing single-use plastics. By being on the ‘tap map’, Limerick businesses of all kinds are agreeing to refill water bottles with tap water.

“It is relevant to all businesses and I would encourage businesses in towns and villages with Tidy Towns to sign up either by contacting directly or by contacting Limerick City and County Council on 061 557110 or 061 557108.”

Since its launch, 70 environmentally conscious businesses in Limerick have signed up for, with the number growing daily. have provided a TAP MAP to find either participating local business pledging to give free, no quibble tap water refills in your reusable water bottle or local public mains water tap locations.