Burns Pet Nutrition celebrates their 30th Anniversary

John Burns Veterinary Surgeon. (Picture: Nick Ridley)

Popular pet food company, Burns Pet Nutrition, is celebrating 30 years of innovation and nutrition for pets nationwide.

Burns Pet Nutrition’s range of wet food, dry food and treats are available for all breeds and ages. Founded in 1993, Vet, John Burns paved the way for pet nutrition by changing the way we look at pet food. By meeting pets’ needs instead of exceeding them, Burns has been widely recognised for their healthy, tasty and award-winning recipes.

In February 2023, John Burns was awarded an MBE for his charity work in West Wales and his impact on pet nutrition.


Originating in Wales, Burns Pet Nutrition developed a range of pet foods to suit all dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. Every product is tried and tested by Burns’ team of expert nutritionists, most of whom can be accessed through their online portal via the Burns Pet Nutrition website.

The pioneering pet food brand was founded in 1993 by Veterinary Surgeon, John Burns. As a vet, he saw an ongoing trend of unwell pets with preventable conditions. Among the tinned mystery meats and table scraps that were common in the nineties, Burns introduced a revolutionary idea: natural, healthy pet food modelled on a home cooked diet!

‘The simple recipes Burns use have only a handful of ingredients which are all-natural’, hypoallergenic and ideal for maintaining a healthy diet.

“I believe that I’ve done much more in terms of animal welfare running Burns Pet Nutrition than I ever could have done working in general practice.” says founder John Burns.

“While working as a vet surgeon I noticed as soon as I stopped prescribing meds for ailments such as itchy skin and bad ears the problems just returned. Having previously trained in holistic medicine and macrobiotics I began to apply similar tactics to my practice, resulting in happier, healthier pets.”


Quality ingredients combined with best-in-business nutritional advice make Burns an outstanding value for money pet food brand. For example, an adult dog should consume 10g per 1kg of their body weight. Therefore a dog weighing 20kg, and consuming a 12kg bag of nuts, equals €1.37 per day (based on RRP).

Burns stands out for their low daily feeding amounts as it is nutrient-dense and highly digestible. In turn, this results in healthier pets, less poo to pick up, and a bag that lasts much longer than other foods on the market.

John Burns’ advice to pet owners is “to only select pet foods which list each individual ingredient, and avoid foods that use vague descriptions such as ‘cereals and animal derivatives’.”

Burns has a wide range of diets available to ensure there’s something for every dog and cat. You can find the full range independent retailers and veterinary clinics. Burns products are available online through independent pet food retailers too.

The pioneering pet food brand was named Britain’s Favourite pet food, coming 1st place out of 30 pet food brands, in Which? Consumer Poll 2022.


Burns takes their environmental responsibilities very seriously. Committed to reducing our carbon footprint and continually seeking ways to improve our environmental performance, Burns has recently changed to a carbon-negative manufacturer.

Burns packaging is also recyclable where possible, with their wet food being their most sustainable product to date. The tray and sleeve are fully recyclable, and the ingredients are locally sourced where possible.

With charity being at the heart of the business, in 2019, Burns donated 25% of its profits to charitable organisations and community projects. The pet food brand proudly funds community projects since 2006.

The John Burns Charitable Foundation recognises and rewards the outstanding achievement of animal welfare organisations in both the UK and Ireland. The 2022-2023 Irish winner, The Leitrim Animal Welfare, is a completely independent self-funded charity which rescues animals in need that have been abused, exploited or abandoned.

Donations like these really make a difference as many dogs were surrendered to shelters after the Covid-19 pandemic ended.