Birthday boy, Denis, still going strong

Denis O'Brien, with son, Donogh, daughter, Anita, daughter in law, Patricia and grandchildren, Kate and Ellen O'Brien at his birthday party in Corbett Court, Kilworth. (Picture: John Ahern)

Inspired by the likes of Buck Owens, Bill Haley and Elvis Presley, Kilworth’s Denis O’Brien, was one of many during the 1960s who chased their dream of stardom on the big stage.

Freely admitting that ‘he’s not there just yet’, Denis has devoted much of his life to music and performing. 

“It always appealed to me, right from the start, I loved the buzz of getting ready and going on stage, there was a lot of us around Kilworth at that time, we may not have made the big time, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves trying,” he said at a ‘surprise’ 80th birthday held in the Corbett Court, Kilworth last week.

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