Biomethane production in Mitchelstown hinges on local buy-in

Construction has not yet commenced of the planned biomethane injection facility at the site just outside Mitchelstown. (Picture: Marian Roche)

Plans to supply gas to 64,000 homes with renewable gas from Mitchelstown were announced by Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) some time ago, but it still remains to be seen if local farmers will buy into the scheme.

The facility is to be built at Corracunna and Garryleagh outside Mitchelstown, on the north side of the town on the road to Kilbehenny. It will be where biomethane, produced within a 60km catchment area of the plant, will be injected into the national grid.

The biomethane will be supplied, it is envisioned, by local farmers or co-operatives of farmers. Gas Networks Ireland have stated that the company are ‘in discussion’ with potential biomethane producers, but have not confirmed if any contracts have been arranged or decided upon.

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