The new traffic lights at Beechfield Junction in Fermoy were switched on on Wednesday afternoon of last week, at which point the approved contractors began work to optimise the signalised junction to cater for peak movements and reduce delays experienced by motorists using the junction.

Elmore, who specialise in the traffic management sector and Cork County Council, will continue to observe the junction and bring about any changes needed to the timing sequences to reduce delays on the R639.

As well as improving safety at Beechfield Junction, it is expected to aid traffic flow at the junction near to Christ Church at the bottom of Oliver Plunkett Hill.

While reaction to the new junction has been largely positive, particularly from pedestrians, motorists have experienced delays at peak times in the morning and evening rush hours.

The need for a dedicated green light and additional time for motorists wishing to turn right off the main road has been raised with the council, and there remains safety concerns regarding the creation of a access road leading to Marian Square.