All-new Renault Austral: quality that is easy on the eye

In the development of the All-New Austral, Renault’s design and engineering teams were focused on providing a level of quality that was immediately noticeable.

Everything a passenger is likely to touch and see has been made to feel softer and more enjoyable. Plenty of thought went into choosing materials for a stylish trim with a visibly high-end feel.

“For our All-New Renault Austral, we have carefully chosen the materials and we took special care in its workmanship, much like the open-pore real wood finish,” says Francois Farion, Renault brand Head of Colour and Trim


In the upper section, the dashboard cover has been removed and the dash is covered with a  matt finish and padded cover, resulting in a soft surface to touch. The light strip extends through to the door panels, thereby enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Quality materials, such as real wood treated according to the Japanese technique maki-e, elevate the interior design. This cabinet-making technique highlights the natural grain by using a cloth to apply several layers of metallic pigments to the wood.

The technique helps maintain the feel of the timber’s grain and texture. Lastly, an elegant satin chrome trim delicately wraps around the horizontal grid of the air vent.


As an extension of the dashboard, the front and rear door panels are foamed at the top. They have the same decorations and finishes for even more refinement, regardless of the occupants’ seat.

The seat covers subtly lighten from black to light gray in the Techno version, combined with synderme (fine-grained synthetic cover), brings an undeniable touch of elegance.


The centre console  incorporates a hand rest with a satin chrome trim on a finely grained cover that is pleasant to the touch. Inspired by aviation and watchmaking, the design is one that evokes precision craftsmanship. When sliding it backwards or forwards, there is a mechanical clicking sound, similar to that of the dial on a safe.


The All-New Renault Austral will be unveiled during a Digital World Premiere on Tuesday, 8th March, 2022 at 8:30am (Ireland).