A picture that tells a thousand words

Kevin Walsh expertly described the frosty image of horses grazing in the early morning, as captured recently by Breeda Kiely Morgan. (Photo: Frank Morgan Studios, Fermoy)

‘A picture tells a thousand words’ is an apt description of the Breeda Kiely Morgan photographs when combined with the words of Kevin Walsh of Fermoy Toastmasters.

Several months ago, Breeda, of Frank Morgan Studios, set up a social media account where she began sharing her photos to online platforms that quickly gained the attention of wordsmith, Kevin Walsh.

“I began seeing her pictures appearing on her web page. I was very taken with them and I began writing comments. It was, in essence, the beauty of these pictures that drew my response to them,” Mr Walsh told The Avondhu.

Kevin went on to describe the artistry behind the photos Breeda had shared, describing them as ‘almost painterly’ and accredited the skill behind her photography.

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