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Travel plans are on the rise in Ireland with a third of Irish adults planning to take at least one trip in the next three months, up from 28% a month ago, according to Finder’s Travel Index

While domestic travel plans have remained relatively steady, a decline of just one percentage point, short term international travel plans are at a seven month high.’s August survey reveals 17% of Irish adults plan to take an overseas trip in the next three months, up from 12% in the July survey.

9% are planning to travel internationally in September, 5% in October and 4% in November.

Finder’s head of consumer research, Graham Cooke, says the number of people planning to travel overseas correlates with restrictions easing.

“We’re seeing an uptick in the number of people planning to travel abroad since the loosening of travel restrictions on July 19th. 

“We expect to see international travel plans continue to grow month on month as people make up for lost time, and more countries open their borders to Ireland.

“There have been reports that Irish citizens may soon be able to visit the United States, which is expected to ease travel restrictions as soon as September 6th, and we can expect this to feed into the demand for more overseas travel.

Finder’s Travel Index is an ongoing survey, which has so far gathered responses from over 170,000 people.

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