Works on Barnane to commence in 2021

CRY ME A RIVER: The Blackwater river seems to have a new tributary. No fish have been spotted yet. (Picture: Deirdre Casolani)

Repairs to Barnane have been scheduled for the start of quarter 2 of 2021. The news from Cork County Council follows outcries from locals who frequent the popular amenity that verges the Blackwater river in Fermoy.

The path along Barnane is used daily by the public and has seen a higher footfall than normal since the pandemic began, however, it has become a topic of discussion due to frequent issues with flooding and littering.

Recent high rainfalls have seen the path flood once again and will likely see frequent flooding throughout the winter months.

According to a council spokesperson, works will be carried out in respect of a partially blocked culvert under the Barnane wall serving the stream that drains to the Blackwater through private lands at this location.

“These works need to be carried out from the Barnane walk side during low river flow, delaying the progression of works during the winter season.

“There is also unavoidable seasonal flooding from the river Blackwater adjacent to Barnane,” the spokesperson told The Avondhu.


While flood barriers are in place, according to local woman Deirdre Casolani of Fermoy Camera Club and Fermoy Rowing Club, the walk is still accessible to the public despite its current state.

“It’s like a tributary is forming of the Blackwater. It’s quite deep, it’s about a foot and a half deep in places,” she told The Avondhu.

She went on to say that the path had been covered with water for the past two weeks, noting that it has been taking longer and longer for the flooding to subside.

“It’s something that’s not being addressed. When the water does clear, it leaves a mucky residue behind and it’s quite dangerous, it’s very easy to slip,” she added.

In a previous edition of The Avondhu, Deirdre also pointed out a large area along Barnane where the bank of the river had been cordoned off as it was collapsing into the Blackwater.

These cones, Deirdre says, have now been removed, leaving the collapsing bank unmarked and open to the public.

“The cones are not there anymore and there’s a fine hole there now and it’s about to break off,” she said.