WMD 2023 shining a spotlight on microbiomes

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Diet and food choice play a crucial role in ‘feeding’ our microbiome- and the trillions of micro-organisms that make up this complex system.

To raise awareness of this crucial topic, this year’s World Microbiome Day (WMD) at the end of the month, will focus on celebrating the microbiome’s remarkable role in our lives.

WMD will develop a set of resources that will be available on their website for people to use and carry out a range of activities, including a special online webinar focusing on the importance of diet and the microbiome in terms of health benefits, food production and looking at sustainable food choices and agri-industry systems.

Organised by APC Microbiome Ireland and the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), the online webinar for World Microbiome Day will take place on June 27th and is specifically designed for anyone who is interested in learning about the fascinating world of the microbiome from top-notch experts and gain valuable insights on the topic.

Participants will be able to deepen your understanding of how microbiomes impact our lives across diet, health, food production, and sustainability.

Visit www.worldmicrobiomeday.com