Why do many people choose composite doors?

If you are thinking about upgrading your home’s entrance, a composite front door may be a great choice. Composite doors are robust, resilient, durable and require very little time and effort to look after. They are practically completely resistant to most mechanical factors and weather conditions.

On the other hand, they provide outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation, which improves your comfort of living, and at the same time, helps you to reduce energy consumption and lower your bills.

Still not sure if modern composite doors will be good for your home? Below, we discuss the reasons that made composite doors one of the most popular entrance door options for homeowners in Ireland. Why do so many people choose them over timber doors and aluminium ones?

Reasons to choose a composite door for your home

Having composite front doors in your home comes with many benefits. The doors are waterproof and maintain their dimensional stability for many, many years. That makes them the perfect solution for the Irish climate. What is more, modern composite external doors come in a vast range of styles and designs, with simply endless customisation possibilities.

The offer includes bold contemporary designs as well as classy options for traditional buildings. Moreover, the variety of available colours is wide enough to suit every property type and personal preference. What other factors are in favour of choosing composite doors?


Reinforced materials used to produce composite doors are responsible for their outstanding durability, sturdiness and quality. Their robust construction and high-security locking system will keep your home safe from even the most sustained attempts at forced entry.

Thermal efficiency

One of the benefits coming with composite front doors is outstanding thermal efficiency. You will soon notice the difference in your home’s heat retention capacity. It will improve the comfort of living and, at the same time, translate into significant savings on reduced heating bills.

Acoustic insulation

The combination of materials used in the construction of modern composite doors translates into various benefits. One of them is excellent acoustic insulation. Composite front doors are unbelievably effective in blocking undesirable noises from the outside. They significantly reduce the amount of sound getting inside and thus, they create a peaceful and quiet environment for you and your family to relax, learn or work.


As we have already mentioned, composite doors are available in a wide range of styles and designs – from classic to sleek contemporary models. Among many other options, they are offered as:

  •  full panel doors with no glazing,
  •  full panel doors with one or two side panels,
  • glass panel doors,
  •  glass panel doors with one or two side panels.

That diversity of models makes them suit every home, regardless if it is a Victorian style house or modern estate.


Low maintenance is one of the most appreciated assets of a composite door. Wipe it down occasionally with warm soapy water and it will stay looking and performing like the day it was installed – for many years to come. The door finish does not require annual painting or any other type of maintenance.

Modern composite doors from Fenbro: Check our offer for high quality solutions

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