Young farmers involved in sectors such as dairy, drystock (beef and sheep), land mobility and other enterprises (including horticulture, pigs, poultry, tillage) are invited to enter the 22nd FBD Macra na Feirme Young Farmer of the Year competition.

The winner of each sector will compete to be crowned the 2020 FBD Young Farmer of the Year in a competition organised by Macra na Feirme, sponsored by FBD and supported by the IFA.

The overall winner of the 2020 FBD Young Farmer of the Year will receive a travel bursary of €3,000, with each category winner receiving €500.

All county winners will also receive an award for their accomplishment.

This year features awards for the Best Emerging Young Farmer, Land Mobility, The Most Climate Change Conscious Young Farmer, The Best Farm Manager and the National Rural Network Biodiversity Farmer of the Year Award.

The Land Mobility category will focus on farmers who display innovative solutions to accessing and utilising land for farming.

This includes farming arrangements that best demonstrate the benefits of collaborations such as long-term leases, registered partnerships, share farming, share milking and contract rearing for all parties involved.

Macra na Feirme President Thomas Duffy said: “Every year the standard and calibre of entries demonstrates the best in farming. The proud tradition of the competition is in showcasing the best young people in farming and the challenges they have overcome.”

The National Rural Network sponsors the award for Biodiversity Farmer of the Year.

You can nominate a young farmer for one of the categories or you can enter yourself by visiting

The closing date for applications is 25th August, 2020.