This year, the Indiependence Music & Arts Festival will be bigger and better than ever before, catering to a record crowd of 10,000 at their Deer Farm site. 

This journalist has been going to Indie for the past four years and thought it would be a good idea to share some of the nuggets of wisdom that have been gleaned from the experience thus far.

I have enjoyed the festival, both as a camper and as someone who has walked up and down to the site from Mitchelstown town, so here are a few tips and titbits.


If you are living locally and plan to travel up and down to the festival site over the course of the weekend, here are a few tips.

  • Even though you are not camping, wear wellies – boots or hiking boots might do you for day one, but once that muck sticks and builds up, you will need something higher with a strong resistance to water.
  • Avoid big head pieces or seriously elaborate hats – you don’t want to be the one who is blocking the view for the gig.
  • Bring a raincoat and a long sleeved top – layering is a good idea, so if it’s hot, you can get rid of layers or layer up if its chilly.
  • Leave the handbag at home, you can put your essentials in your pockets and there is no point in ladies bringing make-up, as you won’t be re-applying, there are no lights in the portaloos.
  • Bring a packet of tissues and a small thing of alcohol gel, that way you are sorted if the toilets run out of those essentials as the festival wears on.
  • Be minimal with your make-up and go for a look that will last from day to night ladies.
  • Charge your phone fully right before leaving.
  • If you and your group get split up, have a meeting place and time arranged.
  • Pack suncream and sun glasses, just in case the rain decides to slip away and the sun comes out to play.


  • Bring an airbed, you can get them for anywhere between €15 and upwards into the hundreds, but would get a decent one for around €30 and it should provide some small comfort for the weekend.
  • For the airbed, you will need a battery operated pump, the foot pump will simply drive you crazy.
  • Bring black bags and put them around everything that you are leaving in the tent during the day, as it will keep them dry if it rains and also makes it harder for people to see what is in the tent.
  • Ladies, be sure to pack facial wipes and maybe toner, as you will struggle to feel and look fresh the day after the night before.
  • Likewise, be sure to bring plenty of bottled water to stay hydrated and healthy snacks to keep you going when you are not near the food providers in the main site area.
  • Pack your outfits wisely and remember that it is very difficult to put on things like tight jeans or tights in the confined space of a tent, also pack minimally, but bring pyjamas and a good outfit base that you can work with a variety of tops/T-shirts with to change it up.
  • Ladies, keep the jewellery if you are opting for it, simple and just go for something a little bohemian and festival-ly like nice earrings or a statement neck piece.
  • Bring your phone charger, as Vodafone will have charging points and if you go into the town many of the pubs and restaurants will have charging points set up.
  • I would highly recommend checking out the local boutiques, doing a bit of shopping and going to eat in the town – you will also catch the musical trail and busking festival, which is taking place across the town during the weekend.

Finally, for those camping and those travelling to and from the site, enjoy the gigs, take plenty of pictures, stay safe and indulge in what Mitchelstown and Indiependence have to offer.