A Mitchelstown woman has warned against bogus phone calls after she received a call from a person purporting to work in Revenue and demanding the immediate payment of a tax bill stating that a criminal case is being taken against her.

Revenue say they have become aware of a number of individuals who received bogus calls. They say that this person is not calling from Revenue.

If you receive a telephone call purporting to be from Revenue about which you have any doubts, particularly if the call is out of the blue, you should contact your Revenue Office.

If you receive contact demanding payment of tax about which you have any doubt, you should contact their Collector General's Division (1890 20 30 70).

Although Revenue have not received reports of anyone being taken in by this scam, anyone who mistakenly provides personal information in response to these types of fraudulent phone calls, should contact their bank or credit card company immediately and alert the Gardaí.

 It is important to point out that these types of scams in no way involve Revenue’s systems or security.