Volunteers needed for car park patrol during mass times

A car park patrol during mass times has recently been started by the Glenroe/Ballyorgan Community Alert group, aimed towards eliminating the risk of crime in the locality.

The Community Alert group have started a rota for mass patrols in Ballyorgan and Glenroe, due to robberies in recent times while locals were attending mass.

Last July, Mass-goers at Glenroe Church in South Limerick discovered that thieves had smashed the windows on three parked cars, stealing valuables while the owners attended mass.

Cllr Lisa Marie Sheehy urged members of the community to get involved in the car park patrol group, adding: “For this to continue we need volunteers for different times. Many hands makes light work.”

If anyone is interested in helping out the community group as they continue to patrol the car parks during mass times, please contact Councillor Sheehy at 087-9143660.