Virtues of wicker extolled in Fermoy's newest shop


Virtues of wicker extolled in Fermoy’s newest shop

The craft of wicker work is getting a platform for viewing in Fermoy, with the opening of a new shop on O’Neill-Crowley Quay.

Thursday, 21 March 2013
5:00 PM GMT

A shop devoted to products made of a material that is strong, durable, weather-proof and looks well, has opened in Fermoy. That material is wicker. Hand made wicker to be precise. It's imported from Poland and Germany by the shop's owner, Mariusz Sprysak.

The shop is called, fittingly, 'Wicker Pearl' because Mariusz and salesperson Monika Krauz believe they have a gem of a product. "It's the only shop in Ireland devoted to wicker products," Monika points out. She says they stock only the highest quality wicker products and have a great range to choose from. "There's lots of original ideas for gifts and for items for the home, we have a great range of shapes and sizes," she explains.

They carry everything from baskets to decorative pieces, shelving and storage units to dining sets for indoor and outdoor use. All are surprisingly modestly priced, making them an affordable alternative to other materials. The shop, on O'Neill-Crowley Quay, is opened Monday to Saturday each week.

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