SHOE SISTERS: Sisters, Kate and Joy Browne whose, Vanilla Shoe Boutique is now open for business in Fermoy. (John Ahern)

The Browne sisters, Kate and Joy have become significant names in the world of ladies’ fashion thanks to the success of their award winning Vanilla Boutique in Fermoy. 

With the clothes side of things doing so well, it made a lot of sense to dip their toe in the retail world of shoes. As a result, Vanilla fans now have access to Vanilla Shoe Boutique which held a special promotion day on Saturday last – a combination of curious shoppers and established Vanilla followers ensured the occasion was an exceptionally busy one for these entrepreneurial siblings.

While a lot of business people talk about rolling out the red carpet, the Brownes secured the accessory so beloved of celebrities the world over.

The boutique on Lower Patrick Street has been refurbished to a very high standard and the sisters tasteful choice of stock struck a chord with shoppers.

As well as being a personal success for Kate and Joy, the opening of Vanilla Shoe Boutique represents another important step forward for retailing in Fermoy.