Unidentified dyslexia damages children’s self-esteem

Celebrating 2017’s Dyslexia Awareness Week –  Dyslexia: Hidden Potential, the Dyslexia Association Ireland (DAI) has released findings from its latest research survey on the lived experience of dyslexia in Ireland found that 72% of adults with dyslexia reported that having dyslexia has enabled them to develop skills in other areas. 

However, 57% of students and 62% of adults with dyslexia said that if they had the choice they would prefer not to have dyslexia – strongly indicative of the persistent challenges faced on a daily basis in education and the workplace.

Unidentified dyslexia can have a huge toll on an individual’s self-esteem as their literacy skills fall further and further behind.

Dyslexia Awareness week, a week-long public awareness campaign taking place from October 2nd–8th, is calling on those families, friends and the general public who are interested in supporting the public awareness week to visit www.dyslexia.ie to learn more about dyslexia and to see how you can support the work of the association.

As part of the awareness week, DAI will be holding a series of information seminars and training events throughout the week around Ireland to empower parents, teachers, and people with dyslexia with key information on identification and evidence-based supports.

For more information on dyslexia visit: www.dyslexia.ie