Tús workers offered one year employment opportunity


Tús workers offered one year employment opportunity

Tús, the Government-funded jobs initiative being administered locally by the Avondhu Blackwater Partnership, is proving hugely successful with participants, while local community and voluntary groups reap the benefits.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
11:45 AM GMT

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership (ABP) is continuing the administration of the Government-funded jobs initiative, Tús, with a further 80 job placements this year in the community and voluntary sector. By mid 2013, ABP will have filled just over 180 placements since the initiative was introduced in late 2011.

A spokesperson for the company said "Avondhu Blackwater Partnership is proud of the company's role in rolling out the Tús initiative in the Fermoy, Mallow and Blarney region. The company is working tirelessly to help tackle unemployment in our area with a career and CV advice service and numerous training courses operating alonside the Tús workplace scheme."

The idea of Tús is to provide short term, quality employment opportunities as the placements end after a year.

According to Adrian Murphy, one of the supervisors on the initiative: "Tús affords participants the opportunity to reignite their talents, learn new skills and take on responsibilities in a workplace setting. Avondhu Blackwater Partnership does not have any control over the length of the placements, but the company is happy to be able to help as many people as possible by placing them and is humbled but not surprised by the strong work ethic of all the participants that have worked under the scheme thus far."


Adrian went on to say that anyone who has or is participating in Tús has embraced the experience fully, which proves that people want to work when given the opportunity. "We need to build on this positive attitude shown by Tús participants to work and not become immersed in negative sound bites about unemployment."

Under Departmental rules, people can't opt to join the scheme, they must be referred by their local social welfare office. Once referred, ABP work with them to find quality placements in the community and voluntary sector that will ensure their year with Tús will benefit them and will be one that will exercise their skills, talents and interests. With the scheme now in its second year there's an opportunity for even more local community and voluntary groups to benefit from the pool of talent in ABP's area of remit.

"Now is the time to make brave and fresh decisions and take a more optimistic approach to the year ahead," Adrian said.

Any community or voluntary groups interested in Avondhu Blackwater Partnership or the Tús initiative, can call them on 025 33411 or log onto their website at avondhublackwaterpartnership.com

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