‘Turning Mammy’ in Kilworth

Lester Condon, Carmel Quirke and Colette Sheehan in a scene from 'Turning Mammy' in Kilworth Community Centre next week for four nights - on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday only.

Kilworth Dramatic Society are putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming production of ‘Turning Mammy’ by John McDwyer which will be staged over four nights on Wednesday and Thursday of next week (17th & 18th) and again on Saturday and Sunday, 20th and 21st.

‘Turning Mammy’ has won the hearts of audiences all over Ireland with its clever mix of madness and meloncholy. The play tells the story of Ambróse a love hungry farmer and his neighbour sisters Martha and Mary.

Follow their twists and turns as they seek love and contentment in all the wrong places. Ambrose who is tied to a bedridden and domineering mother seems to be enthralled to his strange English neighbour, Dorothy.

Martha meanwhile is obsessed with Ambrose and her sister Mary is searching for her long lost baby given up for adoption. Turning mammy brings a range of emotions throughout which has made it the hit with audiences that it is.

Please note – this production has to finish by Saturday 21st so remember the dates – Wednesday and Thursday (17/18) and Saturday and Sunday (20/21) in Kilworth Community Hall at 8pm. Entry will be €15 (€12 entry fee and €3 raffle).

Under current guidelines, 80 people are permitted to the hall so come along early. Covid certs must be shown and masks must be worn.