Niall O'Riordan pictured with his series - 'The Monks of Ardmore'. (Photo courtesy: Gabrielle Hyvernat-O'Riordan)

The third instalment of The Monks of Ardmore has now hit the market as the fantasy adventure continues.

Authored by local musician and songwriter, Niall O’Riordan, the third book of the series follows a similar trail intertwining Niall’s key interests in history, language, comedy, mythology and travel as new and old characters embark on another adventure.

Speaking with The Avondhu, the Glanworth local explains his new book titled ‘The Monks of Ardmore III: Elvis, Amelia, The Dragon & The Goo’.

“This time, a family of dragons are going to take over the world and the heroes have to stop the dragons. They enlist the help of magical friends and have to use time travel as well,” Niall said.

Familiar locations are married with historical times and unfamiliar territories, as the reader follows the characters through the narrative.

“It’s a fantasy adventure and there’s a lot of Irish humour. There are characters from the previous books, it’s a series with an overarching line but there are new characters too like Amelia Earhart, who is taken from the future and Elvis who is created in a lab,” Niall added.

One review of mention adeptly describes the series as “The Hobbit meets Harry Potter meets Father Ted”.

According to Niall, some of his tales, which have now gone to publication, were originally bedtime stories for his children.

“I love telling stories. I always made up stories for my kids when they were going to bed, I just never got around to writing it down,” he said.

Now seeing these stories from their childhood in print, Niall said that his children ‘loved’ the books.

“They loved them, it brought them back. The books are going down great. I’ve just got more boxes of the first and second book in and they’re going down a storm,” he added.

‘The Monks of Ardmore’ is a fantasy adventure is set in Ireland around 400 years ago and feature historical characters such as Grace O’Malley, Lady Elisabeth Raleigh and Sir Walter Raleigh, but in a comedic way.

“’The Monks of Ardmore’ is based on stories I’d tell my sons. I used to make up stories about what the monks would be up to with the Vikings back in the day, and it kind of grew arms and legs including magic and dragons and flying carpets,” Niall said.

Volume I tells of Abbot Anglebert and his old friends’ struggle to save the world from power-hungry Myler McGrath, while Volume II sees the boys back in action facing off against the Baron and the Beast.

The books are currently being translated into French and Niall has already gotten to work on Volume IV of the series. 

Volume III is now on the shelves in Fermoy at M.J. Hanleys, The Coffee House and Fermoy Books and online via Amazon, available in e-book and paperback. 

If you’re on the lookout for a Christmas gift or stocking filler for a fantasy fanatic, a history buff, a literature lover, or a supporter of all things local, look no further than ‘The Monks of Ardmore’.

The Monks of Ardmore III on sale in Fermoy at: M.J. Hanley’s, The Coffee House and Fermoy Books • Available online throough Amazon • Contact Niall O’Riordan on (085) 7390232