This Christmas, the world’s largest museum metaverse wants to give back to students by bringing artefacts and experiences into the classroom.

Holo-Museum, a metaverse of six museums across four countries, is encouraging schools across Ireland, the UK and around the World, to apply through their website for 3D glasses that will bring the museum metaverse directly to students.

Holo-MUSEUM is an accessible way for all students to virtually visit museums across the world using Desktop Augmented Reality Technology, regardless of factors including location or socio-economic background.

The museum gives children from all backgrounds an opportunity to experience these museums and so much more.

By applying for these special glasses, schools will be able to bring this world into the classroom and showcase experiences and exhibitions that these pupils may not otherwise get the chance to see.

Over the next 12 months, the museum will welcome exhibitions from EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum and The Hunt Museum in Ireland, Anglo-Boer War Museum in South Africa and Grigore Coblcescu Museum of Mineralogy and Petrography in Romania. These additions have made the Holo-MUSEUM the largest and most culturally diverse metaverse museum. 


Dr Sirisilp Kongsilp, founder of Holo-MUSEUM and a university lecturer, states that: “With a unified museum metaverse, museums can reach wider audiences. More importantly, bringing children from different cultures closer, enables them to experience each other’s culture, develop a global mindset and expand their world view.

“I hope that our Holo-MUSEUM metaverse will help fuel students’ passion and excitement for learning about the world and beyond. We also hope this technology will expand to other aspects of learning and create a more engaging, exciting environment.”

Schools can now apply until January 31st for glasses at to request glasses for their school.