The Event Band, a multi-style Band everyone has been talking about

The wedding season is upon us, soon to be wed couples all over Ireland are currently pencilling their plans for the entire wedding ceremony. To make such a significant event extremely unforgettable, wedding music is crucial. Choosing the perfect live band for the wedding reception may be your most important choice because good music sets the tone for a successful event.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first dance, the engagement ceremony, the wedding ball, or even the after-party; the wedding music performed on your big day should represent your style and make your guests have an excellent time. After all, it is that special day for you. Typically, couples would try to select a band with a music line up that reflects their music preference. The Event band has come in with their multi-style concept to bridge that gap.

The multi-style band is a concept where you can customize the look of the band performing at your wedding. From the performers’ line up to the instruments available to every aspect of the band’s performance, the Event Band is that multi-style band of Ireland with these unique styling and customization options.

The wedding band is a contemporary band experience with various artists, including vocalists and DJs, beatboxers, dancers, and other performers. The Event Band is far more than a regular band; it’s a lavish spectacle that lets you control every aspect of your big day, including customising the price. Wedding couples can add extra vocalists, electric violins, brass instruments, or percussion to the ensemble, which may range in size from a six-piece ensemble to a ten-piece ensemble to create the distinct vibe and line-up they like.

The Event band provides a whole marriage entertainment spectacle, not just a band’s regular performance. They come with excellent performers (Grammy nominees and top-class performers) and a contemporary appearance and sound. It almost seems like you possess your exclusive super music group for the wedding ceremony, thanks to the ingenious staging that puts the performers at the forefront of the action.

The band performs for the audience from LED podiums that may be scattered throughout the room to produce an exciting experience. The band’s own MC and DJ bring another distinctive aspect and ensure that the event is consistent in appearance and calibre throughout. There isn’t another band entering Ireland’s Wedding scene with this unique offering. Given how many people enquire about DJ, Saxophones and Percussion pairings, they naturally provide this as well. The wedding package includes

  • A customizable line-up, allowing each couple to choose their lineup
  • Captivating and intriguing experience with LED on-stage lights
  • Complete lighting production
  • DJ and MC for the show


The Event Band is the ideal party band or entertainment choice for a chic event or contemporary wedding reception. The band will be the perfect addition to any portion of your wedding festivities, and they can accommodate different sections of your event. Hire them from 7entertainment and let them provide entertainment while you exchange vows, or let the songs reach you with wandering cocktails, reception serenades and event entertainment with a vintage flair.