The Ballindangan Players ‘Play On’ in March / April

The Ballindangan Players back l-r: John O'Doherty, Micheal O'Doherty, Ursula Flynn, Eileen Harrington, Sinead O'Brien, Pat Landers and front l-r: Linda Murphy, Tina Carton, Tim Dunne (director), Mary Gallahue and Fiona Walsh Clahane, are now in rehearsal for 'Play On', which they will stage in March.

Yes, the headline is correct, The Ballindangan Players are gearing up to stage the hilarious ‘Play On’ by Rick Abbott. 

They are currently rehearsing and  enjoying every minute of it, with performance dates decided. The play will go ahead on March 29, 30 and 31 and on April 5, 6 and  7, 8pm nightly.

‘Play On’ is essentially ‘a play within a play’ and is the hilarious story of a small community theatre group trying desperately to put on a new production of a murder mystery play called ‘Murder Most Foul’.

The group however must contend with all manner of disasters, including the maddening interference from a haughty authoress who keeps revising the script.

The play follows the actors through the rehearsal, dress rehearsal and finally, the production of ‘Murder Most Foul’ but unfortunately all does not go according to plan and the madcap curtain call makes for a hysterical climax.

This play is a new departure for The Ballindangan Players and presents many complexities, with some of the cast having to flip between accents as they play two characters – their character in the amateur theatre group and their character in the play staged by the group – ‘Murder Most Foul’.

Never shy of a challenge however and under the expert direction of Tim Dunne, it is all systems go.

The cast include Pat Landers, John O’Doherty, Mary Gallahue, Linda Murphy, Micheál O’Doherty, Ursula Flynn, Eileen Harrington, Sinead O’Brien, Fiona Walsh Clahane and Tina Carton.

Anyone who has been involved in rehearsing a play will identify with the maxim “If anything can go wrong – it will.” Those who know little about the process of putting on a play will be enlightened and amused.

Mark these dates in your drama diary and booking details will be available shortly.