New research reveals that over 60% of children worry that their friends will find out about their bedwetting while parents of children over the age of five who regularly wet the bed say it impacts negatively on day-to-day activities while 59% of children who wet the bed, worry about taking overnight trips and the research by DryDawn states that 57% don’t want sleep-overs with friends.

Other finding show that of those impacted, 16% of children are not looking forward to their family holiday; 30% of parents admit their child is tired during the day due to bedwetting and almost three out of ten parents feel their child is at a disadvantage socially due to the problem.

Consultant paediatrician Dr Nick van der Spek said bedwetting during childhood is completely normal, but when it occurs regularly from the age of five and upwards it is important that parents seek professional help and take control of the problem.

“It is a common misconception that bedwetting is caused by a psychological problem, but the vast majority of children who wet the bed in Ireland have a medical condition which can be treated effectively.”

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