There has been no change to Waterford County Council’s position regarding parking fares, according to Dungarvan Lismore Councillor Damien Geoghegan.

The councillor announced this week that the suspension of parking fares in council-controlled car parks and street-parking, would continue until 8 June.

Cllr Geoghegan, who is the chairperson of the Dungarvan Lismore District Council, did however caution that ‘wardens are back patrolling at the moment, but their only focus until then will be on illegal parking such as parking on footpaths, double yellows, obstructive parking, etc’.

Waterford County Council had previously decided to suspend all parking fares in council operated parking facilities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The local authority had initially stipulated that this waiving of charges would only continue ‘until midnight on April 11, 2020’.