Dry, damaged, and undernourished hair? Sound familiar? Now your hair can benefit from the wonders of the new Pureology Superfood Treatments; packed with natural ingredients to nourish and fortify colour-treated hair.

Beauty lovers globally have taken to whipping up hair masques in their kitchens with superfood ingredients, and while in theory these concoctions are based on the right idea, they can leave hair feeling weighed down and oily.

The new Superfood Treatments harness the power of superfoods and enhance their benefits with our exclusive color protection, water solubility, enhanced penetration and more antioxidants.

Treatments available include a new strength cure superfood treatment – damaged hair types can reach for new Strength Cure Superfood Treatment.

This rich treatment contains olive oil to repair damaged hair and goji berry extract to protect against further damage (RRP €31).

New hydrate superfood treatment – those with dry hair can indulge in new Hydrate Superfood Treatment.

Avocado oil provides moisture and coconut oil immerses hair in intense hydration.

(RRP €31).