Starstruck by Keith in St Fanahan's College


Starstruck by Keith in St Fanahan’s College

Starstruck students in Mitchelstown and surrounding areas had the pleasure of the company of Voice of Ireland contestant, Keith Hanley, who undertook a tour of local schools, in an effort to garner support.

Thursday, 21 March 2013
7:30 AM GMT

This weekend, as Keith Hanley from Charleville calms his nerves in The Helix, Dublin before his first live performance on The Voice, two bus loads of supporters from his home town and five full cars of family members from Ballylanders and Anglesboro, will be making their way into the auditorium to give Keith their support.

As the success of the final competitors now depends on public votes, Keith's uncle Dan Gallahue has been urging people to get their phones out and start voting to keep Keith in the competition.

Speaking after his performance in St Fanahan's College, Mitchelstown last week, Keith said that at this stage in the competition, it is all about fighting for position to stay in the show. "It's an experience I will never forget and you would get nervous up on stage, you wouldn't be human without nerves - the odd time, I would have a bucket on hand!"

Keith also praised his mentor, Jamelia, saying that she has great time for not only her own acts, but also the other people in the competition.

Keith spoke to the students in St Fanahan's College about the experience so far and how a tattoo on his arm is in memory of his uncle, who had Down's Syndrome and who sadly passed away recently. He said that it is thanks to him that he is in the competition and he hopes that people will vote to keep him in, so that he can do this as a tribute to his uncle.

Over the past week, Keith has also visited the other schools in Mitchelstown, as well as the national schools in Anglesboro, Ballylanders and Galbally to rally up some local support before his first live performance this weekend on March 24 at 6.30pm on RTE One. So get out those phones!

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