Some of the most Instagrammable beaches in Ireland

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As one of the most beautiful and scenic countries globally, Ireland has long been known for its deep emerald landscapes, rustic hills, and lush grasslands. What many people don’t know, is that Ireland is also famous for its stunning scenery! 

Ireland has over 5,000 miles of stunning coastline, and there is a selection of incredible beaches found throughout this region. From secluded beaches with hidden caves and coves to broad bays with glistening turquoise waters – Ireland has it all! 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most Instagrammable beaches in Ireland that you should visit.  

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10 Instagrammable Best Beaches In Ireland:

Some of Ireland’s most stunning beaches are backed by green hills, with grassy dunes next to powerful waves. So ditch your bathing suits and get ready to take some stunning photos. 

The following 10 beaches in Ireland may make you feel like you’ve dropped into an Instagram post:

  1. Inchydoney Beach #inchydoney

Inchydoney beach is located in Cork, Ireland. It can be reached by travelling almost 5 km towards the southeast from Clonakilty,  a village in Ireland. 

Inchydoney beach, with its unparalleled sandy surface and engaging blue water, is loved by recreational swimmers and Instagrammers worldwide. Its dazzling sand and peaceful water waves are indeed a treat to watch. The eye-catching beauty of the countryside nearby this beach further beautifies the scenery of the coast.

The beach won the Foundation for Environmental Education’s Blue Flag award because of its clean water and stringent ecological standards. The beautiful landscape surrounding this spectacular beach further increases the attraction of this place. Some even rank this beach as Ireland’s best beach.

  1. Inch Beach #inchbeach

With the scenic mountains of Kerry and a stunning beach, Inch Beach is a must-see for every Instagrammer visiting Dingle Peninsula. 

The Dingle Peninsula is home to a popular tourist attraction called Inch Beach. The beach is easily accessible by public transportation and can be explored over a day; however, we recommend staying for at least one night to experience all that the area has to offer. There are many sights to see—including the mountains that rise from the bay and the wildlife that inhabits them. 

Furthermore, several movies have been filmed on this beach due to its beautiful scenery. You can even see the majestic mountains of Kerry from Inch Beach. 

  1. Strandhill #strandhill

Strandhill is a gorgeous stretch of beach just west of the Irish town of Sligo. There is nothing more stunning than watching the sunset on this beach as it sets in the west. 

The beach is also famous for its surfing spots that draw swarms of people and professional surfers every summer for competitions. This particular part of Ireland isn’t known for having great beaches, but this beach sits in a magical location where it’s hard to believe it can be any better. 

The only drawback about this beach is that swimming isn’t allowed there due to strong rip currents, which can even cause drowning. That said, it makes for stunning Instagram shots.

  1. Silver Strand Beach #silverstrandbeach

Silver Strand beach is a beach in Malin Beg, a town in the Republic of Ireland. It’s a 12-kilometre (7.5 mi) -a long horseshoe-shaped beach that shares a boundary with the city of Oxnard, California, USA.  It easily attracts people from all over the world due to its fair weather, crystal clear waters, and calm environment. 

Furthermore, Silver Strand Beach is the cleanest and calmest beach in Ireland with its Blue Flag status. It’s perfect for swimming because of its clear freshwater. It’s also perfect for Instagram posts, thanks to its stunning view of Galway Bay from atop the ridge. 

Fishing and surfing are popular recreational activities there. The tidal table should be consulted before going to Silver Strand Beach because it is under high water most of the time.

  1. Rossbeigh Strand #rossbeigh

Rossbeigh Strand is a sandy beach about 1 mile from the village of Glenbeigh, in County Kerry. It extends 3 kilometers to Dingle Bay and boasts 6 kilometers of spectacular beauty. It’s one of the top beaches in Ireland for swimming and sunbathing.  

The beach is open to the public, but dogs aren’t permitted on the beach so that everyone can enjoy their time without disturbances from pets. 

Furthermore, the beautiful scenery of Rossbeigh Beach has been used in many movies, including Hostage to the Devil and Home Turf. So, get there to share some great posts with your friends on Instagram!

  1. Portmarnock Beach #portmarnockbeach

If you want to see some fantastic views of Dublin Bay, visit Portmarnock Beach. It is a hidden gem that is known for its miles of white sandy beach and stunning views.

As the name suggests, Portmarnock beach is located in Portmarnock, which is within walking distance from the capital of Ireland, Dublin. Portmarnock Beach is also called “The Velvet Strand.” 

The beach stretches approximately 8 kilometers and connects to Malahide Beach. This route is used by many for jogging, cycling, and dog walking. Free parking arrangements are provided for visitors, and public restrooms are available as well. 

Interesting Fact about Portmarnock Beach:

Portmarnock Beach was home to the first flight by Charles Kingsford Smith. There is also a monument to tribute to this beach as the starting point for the first flight.

  1. Keem Bay #keembay

Keem Bay is a beautiful bay with a breathtaking beach located to the west of Ireland’s largest and most well-known island, Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland. It is a perfect place for Instagram pictures.

Keem Bay was once an expanding fishing industry with fishers entrapping the sharks that came to the shore for warmth. But over time, shark populations decreased in number. 

Now, the bay is best known for its white sands and turquoise waters, which are ideal for those Instagram pictures. The rugged landscape and beautiful scenery won the hearts of many tourists. Many tourists even consider it to be the most attractive beach in Ireland.

It’s also been awarded the status of Blue Flag for its cleanliness, safety, and quality.

  1. Tramore Beach #tramorebeach

Tramore Beach is located in Tramore, a small town in Waterford, Ireland. It extends approximately  5 kilometres along with the oldest Irish city, Waterford. It’s the best beach for surfing because of the less danger of solid winds. It’s also an ideal place for leisure activities such as swimming, walking, running, and kite surfing. 

Fishing is another favourite activity performed on Tramore beach. Flounder, Bass, Pollock, Coalfish, and Dogfish are commonly found on this beach.

The rolling dunes in this area are not only beautiful but also interesting to explore. There is a spot behind these dunes that is the favourite place of migratory birds in the winter. It’s called the Back Strand.

There are many surf schools and clubs in the area that offer lessons to aspiring surfers. The beach itself is large and relatively empty, perfect for jogging or having a picnic.

  1. Killiney Beach #killineybeach

Killiney Beach is a huge beach that is located in the town of Killiney. It has a rocky coastline, and Killiney Hill is located to the north. A cave can be found at the beach, attracting Instagrammers and tourists to come and visit both the sites (the cave and the beach) in one go. 

Furthermore, Killiney Beach is very popular for eating and picnicking as it gives a great view of Dalkey Island to the north and Bray Head in the southern direction. The Killiney Railway Station is also located near here, being convenient for many people who come to visit this beach. You can reach food points by walking just 100 meters eastward into Killiney Village from the beach.

  1. Banna Strand #bannastrand

Banna Strand is a 10-kilometre-long sandy beach stretching along the coast of Kerry, and it’s also called Banna Beach. It has some very high dunes in the backdrop that rise up to 12 meters in height. 

Banna Strand is also known for its historical background because the famous rebel Roger Casement hid weapons there for the Easter Rising of 1916. He was eventually caught and executed for his part in this militant uprising.

This beach has withstood the test of time and has even been featured in several popular movies, including the classic Ryan’s Daughter. The huge sandy area provides plenty of room for tourists and native Irish people to enjoy the sea breeze and take a refreshing swim in the ocean. Long walks along this beach can be enjoyed as well.

The Takeaway:

Ireland is known for its natural beauty, and beaches are no exception. From the famous beaches of Donegal in the wild North West to the sandy shores of County Kerry in the South, Ireland has some of the most spectacular beaches in Europe. With over 5000km of coastline, there’s no need to go hunting for that perfect spot for your next Instagram post. 

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Ireland’s coastal towns and villages this summer with a trip to some of Ireland’s most Instagrammable beaches.