Some hesitation as indoor hospitality reopens

Customers continue to dine outdoors in Fermoy while the good weather lasts. (Photo: Katie Glavin)

The reopening of indoor hospitality on Monday was met with mixed feelings by publicans and restauranteurs locally.

Some have decided not to open for inside service – The Classroom Bar in Lismore and J’s Bar in Mitchelstown to name just two such establishments who said they will remain ‘with outdoor service for the moment’.

Despite the new protocols however, down Conna way, The Winners Enclosure was among those to reopen for inside service, Cal Moroney saying he’s glad it’s back to some bit of normality.

Michael Carey of The Ramble Inn (Mitchelstown) said they already had abuse from one person for opening indoors. “We’re having a zero tolerance approach and are sticking to the guidelines,” he said, while at Clongibbon House, Brenda Tangney said there were no problems ‘with vaccine passports or anything’.

Staff are putting in the mileage, as table service only, means a lot more work for the staff. Staff at The Firgrove Hotel claim they are clocking up 30,000 steps a day! That’s about 15 miles. “We’ll be doubling up as a gym soon,” they joked.

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