Solar panels for Fermoy Swimming Pool

Upgrades to the Fermoy Leisure Centre were brought before the council recently for approval under a Part VIII Planning item.

At the Fermoy Municipal District meeting in December, councillors were informed of the intention to install Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels at Fermoy Swimming Pool.

Municipal District Officer, Pauline Moriarty, told councillors at the meeting that the works have gone out for planning in order to fit a new cladded roof over the existing structure at the leisure centre in Fermoy and to install the solar panels on site.

“That is out to tender currently with tenders back by the end of January. All going well, there will be some energy works and upgrades to the Fermoy pool,” Ms Moriarty said.

Councillor O’Flynn proposed the Part VIII Planning, which was seconded by Cllr Noel McCarthy.


An additional query was issued by the Glanworth councillor, who asked what the likely payback on the works would be.

Senior Executive Officer, Mary P Hayes, noted that there had been an analysis on such carried out and although no monetary figure was disclosed to the meeting, stated that there would be ‘an early payback’ following the works.