Fermoy locals have become concerned over the last number of weeks to find that a sign had been posted at the entrance to ‘The Inches’ which had been used down the years as a means of gaining access to Fermoy’s famous Viaduct.

The sign advised walkers that the land was private property and no trespassing would be tolerated. It went on to caution that dogs are not be permitted ‘for any reason’, however it was noted that those holding fishing permits would be granted access.

The Avondhu was approached by numerous residents of the town who expressed their disappointment at this situation, as well as their frustration, many claiming that a right of way existed across this piece of land to the Viaduct, several of them stating that ‘this had been the case for decades’. There is however, a lack of clarity on this particular issue.

One of the signs posted near a popular walk that leads to Fermoy Viaduct. (Photo: Kevin Howard)

It is understood that the local authority conducted a review of documentation in the last two years or so, and have been unable to ascertain if a public right of way did in fact exist.

Some walkers have suggested that a right of way may have been established by ‘usage’ over the years.

One local councillor, commenting on this most recent development, urged the concerned parties to come together and work out a compromise.