Secret Auction for Lismore artist’s sculptures

Lismore artist Corina Duyn will host a secret auction of her sculptures at the ‘Full Circle’ exhibition in Kenmare, Co Kerry which is running until Saturday, July 30th. 

Ms Duyn, who is originally from the Netherlands, has chronic fatigue syndrome and many of her sculptures relate to her overcoming the physical and psychological difficulties related to the condition.

“Most of my sculptures are created to help me understand a challenge, or simply to fulfill a dream. I need to have these sculptures around me for awhile. When the time is right to have them moving on, it creates a physical and mental space for new adventures,” she said,

If you’re in Kenmare, you can visit the exhibition at the Carnegie Arts Centre and fill in a secret auction card to make a bid for one of the works.

Alternatively, to make a bid online, you can email the arts centre ( with the email subject Secret Auction and provide the name of the sculpture you wish to bid on, the bid price, and contact details.

After July 30th the highest bidder for each of these sculptures will be notified. For more information, see