SEAT has announced the arrival of the new eXS Kickscooter powered by Segway to the Irish market which will be available to order from participating SEAT retailers across the country.

This partnership between SEAT and Segway is in response to the growing demand for electric urban transport among commuters.

As cities and towns in Ireland continue to grow, finding additional mobility solutions has become one of the major challenges that institutions and car manufacturers have to tackle.

In major cities like Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and London electric scooters are already a common form of transport and it is estimated that in Spain alone there are more than 26,000 electric scooters on the streets of its cities.

The new SEAT eXS KickScooter powered by Segway is a perfect transport solution for those who want to get around in an efficient and sustainable way in densely populated areas yet at the same time enjoy the freedom of the car in less congested scenarios.

The eXS KickScooter was designed exclusively by SEAT in partnership with Segway and features Segway’s leading electric technology.

The SEAT eXS KickScooter has a travel range of 25 kilometres on the one charge and its maximum recharging time is three and a half hours.

The electric scooters top speed is 25 km/hour and weighs just 12.5 kilos.

Its 8 inch (diameter) solid rubber wheels help prevent punctures and its front and rear suspensions gives it a smooth handling.

The eXS Kickscooter is also equipped with a password protected app that allows the user to control the front and rear LED lights, customisable ambient light, an LCD screen, cruise control setting and an anti-theft deterrent.


Commenting on the product launch, Niall Phillips, Brand Director at SEAT Ireland said, “While selling high value four-wheel vehicles will remain the core offering of SEAT Ireland, we have to be cognisant of changing consumer demand and the need to adapt our product range to meet this demand.

At SEAT Ireland, innovation is at the heart of what we do and with recent years witnessing a shift in the mobility needs of the Irish public, particularly in urban areas, we are both delighted and excited to be the first car manufacturer to introduce a new form of mobility to the market.”

The SEAT eXS KickScooter is available at SEAT retailers nationwide now and RRP is €599. 

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