Seamus O’Rourke’s new play for Kilmallock and Kilworth

Seamus O'Rourke who brought us 'From Under The Bed' (with Arthur Riordan) returns to the area (Friars Gate and The Village Arts Centre) this time joined by Bairbre Ni Chaoimh as they tread the boards with O'Rourke's latest offering, 'My Aunt Bee'. 

For those of us lucky enough to have Aunts or Uncles – they’re a funny breed.

Not close enough for unconditional love, but close enough, ‘relatively’ speaking, to affect us, confound us, drive us round the bend – that’s if they drive and if they have the keys to an automobile.

'My Aunt Bee' is not a farce and it’s certainly not a tragedy … it’s like all Aunts and Uncles from America – a bit strange and funny and warm and mad as hell.

There’s not much cussing or kissing and there’s no sex – but there’s a love story in there somewhere.

Any show written by, or performed by, Seamus O'Rourke should not be missed.

See 'My Aunt Bee' at Friars' Gate, Kilmallock on Friday, July 12 (063-98727) and at The Village Arts Centre on Saturday 13th (025-32227 or 087-6492514).