I confess I got a genuine belly-laugh from the front page of the Irish Examiner on Stephen Zuss Day.  

The second lead story – by Elaine Loughlin – was entitled “Taoiseach concerned over ‘cult status’ of Scientology”. The first sentences read: “The Taoiseach said there is a genuine concern around the Church of Scientology in this country and the fact that it may be a cult.”

The second sentence said: “Leo Varadkar has also said the Government will ‘assist in any way’ to facilitate Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland next year.”

It may or may not have been, as someone put it on Twitter, “a superb piece of plausibly-deniable editorialising”. 

Okay, it was I who said that, but the point stands. It reminded me of Ardal O’Hanlon essaying the wide eyes and empty head of Father Dougal Maguire as he tells Father Ted “God, Ted, I’ve heard about those cults. Everyone dressing in black and saying Our Lord’s going to come back and judge us all.” 

Ted, of course, responds reluctantly with all of Dermot Morgan’s trade mark squirming, exasperated embarrassment, “No… no, Dougal, that’s us. That’s Catholicism you’re talking about there.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I think Scientology is a very dangerous cult, and I think it is spending a Hollywood fortune to insinuate itself into Ireland, from whence to base its European operations. Scientology is a religion of complete nonsense founded by L Ron Hubbard in 1952. Hubbard was a bad science fiction writer of truly terrible stories, and he knew there was a much easier way to make money. “You don't get rich writing science fiction,” Hubbard famously said. “If you want to get rich, you start a religion.” 

So Hubbard hatched a religion all of his own, based upon his brand of appalling science fiction. He invented a story about an alien prison ship full of evil criminals crash-landing on Earth a million years ago or something, and all the bad aliens died in the crash – but – their ghosts infected the atmosphere and – get this! – if a woman cries out in childbirth, the ghosts will get into the new-born baby – but – here’s how you can fight the evil aliens within us if you just sign up for this multi-level cod-psychology course called “Dianetics” which will cleanse your soul – and your bank account too.  

Ireland really doesn’t need a dangerous and manipulative religious cult coming here and preying on our most vulnerable citizens and trying to run our country. And here’s why: Ireland fell a very long time ago under the influence of what came to be a dangerous and manipulative religious cult.  

That religious cult warped our country across centuries, and it twisted our State from its foundation. It perverted our national psyche and it used our little island as a base station from which to spread its evil worldwide.  

In my opinion, that religious cult’s modern-day adherents are in no position to sneer at Scientology’s spectral alien criminals, when they themselves believe in an omnipotent space ghost who impregnated a teenager without asking her so she could give birth to his son – who was also him – while still remaining a virgin. This son grew to be a firebrand cleric who preached a radical doctrine of kindness, compassion and love. After the cleric was executed, his followers claimed he came back to life. Oh, and apparently babies are all born guilty of the ancient and monstrous crime of apple theft.

That religious cult’s perversion made perverts of us all, and its sex-obsession infected Ireland to the extent that we became an island of squinting windows where the most natural function of humanity became the worst thing of shame, where mothers became criminals, enslaved in laundries, where fathers escaped unscathed, and where babies healthy enough to sell to wealthy Americans were trafficked abroad and the rest were left to die and to be dumped in unmarked graves and septic tanks.

That religious cult’s self-loathing homophobia made homophobes of us all, and it made this a country where homosexuality was illegal until 1993, and a land where we needed a referendum just so our gay children could feel finally like equal citizens. 

That religious cult’s misogyny made misogynists of us all, and it persuaded us, three decades ago, to enshrine that misogyny in our Constitution. Brainwashed cult members that we were, we bought its mawkish sentimentality and declared to the world that a sentient, walking, talking, human woman was the equal in law of any potential child – from any point after conception – growing within her. Once you strip away all the obfuscation, all the cries of media bias, all the “pro-life” propaganda, it all boils down to this: a woman loses all rights after sex.

Mind you, some cultists opposed the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre too, so I guess a woman has no rights before sex either. 

That religious cult’s leaders turned a blind eye for generations as its ministers raped children, and did so on an industrial scale in this country and in every other country it infected. That abuse is going on to this day. Last month, one of that cult’s leading officers, Bernard Law of Boston – described as “one of the greatest enablers of sexual abuse in the history of the world” – was laid to rest. The supreme leader of the religious cult – Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Beunos Aires, better known by his alias 'Pope Francis' – led the final prayers. 

To this day, 78% of Irish people voluntarily self-identify as members of that religious cult. To this day, that religious cult controls over 90% of Irish primary schools. To this day, that religious cult owes the Irish State the staggering sum of €1.3 billion in abuse reparations.  

So no, Ireland most certainly doesn’t need a dangerous and manipulative religious cult coming here and preying on our most vulnerable citizens and trying to run our country. 

Not again.

  • there is an interessting new book published in german about the history of Scientology in germany:

  • johninokinawa

    It beats the crap out of me how you can spout such utter nonsense. You know NOTHING of Scientology. You don’t even know the first principles. Do some research before publishing. Your “article” is a regurgitation of the boring negative posts about Scientology. It bears no relation to what Scientology actually is.

    • 3feetback-of-COS

      Well, it IS a manipulative, destructive CULT.

      and Johninokinawa is a known shill. probably works for their spy wing, the Office of Special Affairs, OSA.


      • johninokinawa

        I’m a Scientologist, yes and have been since 1970. I’m sorry if that offends you. I do not work for any Scientology organisation. I have my own business in Okinawa that has nothing to do with Scientology. I find Hubbard’s philosophy interesting in the extreme and continue studying it. Why do you feel the need to imagine that there is a sinister motive? I don’t have one. Do you?

        • Mark Foster

          To the degree that a dedicated scientologist, per his own guiding policy, regularly lies about and misrepresents the way he views the world and its inhabitants, and hides the facts that scientologists believe: a.they are superior to non-scientologists and b. that their goal is to “salvage”(i.e. take over)this sector of the universe, then, yes,you have a
          hidden,sinister agenda, that includes the viewpoint that folks below 2.0 on your fantasy “tone scale” have no civil rights whatsoever(The quote is in the book Science of Survival). Scientology is not based on study or investigation or empirical testing or critical analysis,but IS based on indoctrination,a culture of confession and obedience, and a belief in a “sacred science” that cannot be doubted or questioned-or tested/proven outside of the group that asserts its unassailable perfection.
          The only “looking” and ” studying” that you are doing involves the obedient, doubt-free, intellectually lazy act of swallowing Hubbard’s turds, whole, for over a half-century.
          Do some “obnosis” drills: go visit your church’s empty orgs. Ask your local IAS representative for a detailed breakdown of how your donations are spent(sec check?). Email or call your scientology buddies in St. Louis or Philadelphia or Chicago or Seattle or Albuquerque and ask them for an honest assessment of the attendance stats of their respective “orgs” . Ask yourself why, if the VM’ s are as ubiquitous and prolific as your church pr states, don’t they have the public profile, notoriety, and third-party verification of their stellar contributions that the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity have? Why have dozens of wrongful death suits against Narconon in the US been settled with pay-outs and non-disclosure agreements, if that so-called “tech” works perfectly when applied ” 100% standardly”?
          Why is it that you and your fellow ” church members” have never seen one ” Oerating Thetan” display an ability to be ” cause over” matter, energy, space, and time? Why does an organization that supposedly possesses the “only known tech” that can “save” mankind operate on the basis of “always attack,never defend”?
          Why are YOU so unable to directly address and respond to, with facts, the factual allegations that are made(and have been made for over 60 years) about your group? I am quite willing to provide links to data about your group’s crimes…and challenge you to confront the possibility that you have been lied to, since 1970, by both Hubbard, and now,Miscavige.

          • Kevin Kate

            Very well said and accurate.

    • Chee Chalker

      What about all those ex-members who DO know something about Scientology? Those ex-members, some of whom spent DECADES inside Scientology, and now say they realize it is a cult?
      Let me guess…..they are just bitter apostates who were kicked out because they could not maintain the ‘high ethical standards’ of the organization, right? Or they have been paid off by ‘Big Pharma’ or the Psychs, etc etc.
      Open your eyes – L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘texhnology’ has more holes in it than Swiss cheese

      • johninokinawa

        Each Scientologist has done a series of courses. Some as short as one day, others taking several months. On completion of each course, they attest that they are satisfied with their course and write a Success Story. Someone who has been in Scientology for 20, 30 years has completed many, many courses. For this person to then turn round and say, “Mine eyes are opened. I see where I’ve been hoodwinked for years,” is complete crap. Either each time they completed a course and attested that they were satisfied and got a lot out of it they lied. Or they are lying when they said that they had been hoodwinked. Can’t be both!

        • Mark Foster

          Of course: scientology, the so-called religion and it’s organizations, is always right, perfect, and infallible; it is, allegedly, “senior” to “life itself” and is beyond reproach and, to be effective, must be accepted without question, doubt,or critical analysis.
          Enjoy that cult echo chamber,John.

        • Chee Chalker

          You’re forgetting the fact that they cannot take another course UNLESS AND UNTIL they write a ‘success’ story.
          Most times these courses are paid for in advance. So…..you either write your down your ‘success’ or you lose the money you already put down for future courses.
          And of course people can change their minds!
          Just because someone enjoyed taking a course on (for example) better communication and writes a ‘success’ story doesn’t preclude them from standing up and protesting abuse they witnessed or from realizing future courses were a bunch on nonsense.

    • Mark Foster

      Scientology and Dianetics have never produced the results or states of consciousness that Hubbard promised they would. There is nothing spiritual or scientific about either subject. In Hubbard’s book FUNDAMENTALS OF THOUGHT, he claims that both are subjects that are akin to engineering,with the same degree of scientific reliability, which is absolute bullshit. There is not-and never was-a state of “clear”. There are no such things as “engrams, secondaries, or reactive minds”. Hubbard made shit up, lazily plagiarized ideas, and generally built a sloppy, self-contradictory bricolage of non-consensual hypnosis, one-size-fits-all fake therapy, and a system of indoctrination and mind-fuck that strips its adherents of common sense, empathy, and reason the longer they use it.
      Your cult has a six-decade, international legacy of human rights abuses, criminality, and vexatious litigation. It offers no spiritual succor and provides nothing of socially redeeming value. In fact, Narconon has been successfully sued numerous times for wrongful death. Your cult’ s front groups specialize in photo ops and fundraising, while providing zero documentation of their accounting, budgets, and actual contributions to society.
      Wake up, John. There is a wealth of empirical information about your group’s practices and policies, including its own technical and administrative volumes, readily available online, that offer overwhelming proof of your group’s policy-driven mendacity and fascist criminality.

      • johninokinawa

        You do go on a bit, don’t you! If you could just calm down a bit and actually take in some information, you might learn something. Peace.

        • Mark Foster

          Apply that suggestion to yourself.

        • Chee Chalker

          Jason Beghe can sum that up for you John:
          “Show me a mother f-ing Clear”

          in the ENTIRE history of Scientology, NO ONE has been able to prove the most basic of Hubbard’s claims – for example – perfect recall.

          Why is that? Have you ever asked anyone in Scientology ‘management’ why you are not getting what was promised? (And what you paid for)

    • Kevin Kate

      I lived it for 35 years. The principles are mostly fine but the practice… two way communication is not used, DM use to beat his staff. There are only about 10,000 scientologists left no matter how many bldgs you open. That is the truth. You do research for yourself. LRH himself says look don’t listen. It broke my heart when i found out but i am infinitely happier now that i am out 8 years.

      • johninokinawa

        Kevin. You’re living in a dream bubble. Come into present time!

        • Mark Foster

          John, you are a condescending, “knows-best” cult member who can’t even practice his own creed-you know, the bit about ALL people having inalienable rights to question and investigate and comment upon the views of others( review the creed of scientology).

          • Kevin Kate

            They can not perceive. i use to be in and you are constantly told what to believe. You don’t dare question “upper management”. Pity is what should be given scientologists. LRH would not approve of ideal orgs as they function now. Money is king not auditing and helping people. Love to all.

          • Mark Foster

            And then…comes the rude awakening: ” the tech” is neither scientific nor spiritual, but has its roots in late 19th century abreactive therapy and early 20 th century occultism,with bits and pieces of purloined concepts and badly plagiarized ideas thrown in to the mix.
            The Orange Test and LIFTON’S 8 CRITERIA FOR THOUGHT REFORM are 2 barometers of cult characteristics that show just how corrosive and toxic this so-called ” applied religious philosophy” is.

          • Kevin Kate

            Mark, wow you have done your home work on this! I’m afraid some will not have that rude awakening you speak of. One needs to be able to see beyond what they are told at events. The hyperbole is utterly out the roof but they still follow. I would challenge scientlogists to read the definition of OT, then obnose any OT in their daily life to see if the definition fits. Thanks Mark. Love to all, even the lowly SPs! I will check out that reference of Lifton’s. Knowledge is power.

          • Mark Foster

            A similar model to Lifton’s is Steve Hassan’s BITE model.
            Be sure to check out Steve’s website, as well as openmindsfoundation dot org, which deals with the larger subject of undue influence.
            Cheers, and we’ll done on pulling yourself out of the cult hell hole!

          • Kevin Kate

            Thank you, and I do wish all those trapped will find their way to freedom.

          • Mark Foster

            Yes, I hope so,too!

        • Kevin Kate

          No need to go back and forth on this. At least you responded. You have you reality and I have mine. Apparently nothing can shake either viewpoint. I wish you well and I hope you achieve your goals.

    • JaxNGold


      YOU need to do some real research. And I don’t mean regurgitating nonsense from $cientology’s website or simply believing what they tell you. I mean actual research about $cientology and Hubbard. If you truly don’t know what’s going on inside your organization, well…the joke’s on you.

  • Con Connolly

    An interesting article but, as usual, the scientologists are quick to pounce upon it. Why is this church so defensive, I wonder? If they genuinely have the inside track on spirituality, then I feel they should be a little more relaxed about criticism. For instance, I would imagine the Pope is not getting too worked up about this article.

    • johninokinawa

      I think any of us can take criticism. But this isn’t criticism, it’s total bullcrap. Suppose you were a cricket player and there was an article stating how many people got drowned playing cricket and how difficult it was to score a goal, etc., etc. This article doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the philosophy of Scientology. It’s completely irresponsible journalism.

      • Mark Foster

        Be specific, John.
        What statements are “bullcrap”? And what is the factual,documented, empirical data you bring to correct the “bullcrap”?
        If you are familiar with the website SCRIBD,go to it and search for ” Laura DeCrescenzo forced abortion lawsuit/Scientology” and peruse the actual COURT DOCUMENTS. This is one example of empirical proof of your group’s human rights abuses. There are many more on that same website.
        LOOK, John; confront real-world information in a self-determined,fearlessly inquisitive fashion, and I guarantee that you’ll find a cornucopia of information that verifies the statements made in the article above and in this comments section.
        Good luck.

        • Hi Mark, thank you for your “Like” regarding the new Book I mentionend in my comment below. I realy hope you will read it. It’s from a sociologist that worked twelfe year as a cult-advisor. If you understand german, here a short quot from the book:

          Page 191, 192:

          “Zusammenfassend kann im Hinblick auf die dargestellten Fakten Folgendes festgestellt werden:
          -Scientology stellt nicht nur nach meiner persönlichen fachlichen Einschätzung, sondern auch nach übereinstimmender Meinung weltweit anerkannter Religionswissenschaftler und deutscher wie auch internationaler Gerichte eine Religionsgemeinschaft dar, die von den entsprechenden Grundrechts- bzw. Menschenrechtsgarantien geschützt ist.

          -Die religiöse Lehre der Scientology ist kein Vorwand für die Verfolgung wirtschaftlicher Zwecke und war sie nie.

          -Die immer wieder verbreitete Unterstellung von “Gehirnwäsche” bzw. der “Erschaffung psychischer Abhängigkeit” hat aus neutraler, nicht-interesse-geleiteter wissenschaftlicher Sicht keinerlei Grundlage und dient nur als Vorwand zur Beeinträchtigung wichtiger Grundrechte insbesondere des Art. 4GG.
          -Die deutschen VS-Behörden verletzen grundsätzliche Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts zur Frage staatlicher Neutralität in religiös-weltanschaulichen Belangen, wenn sie sich anmassen, die Lehrinhalte von Scientology aufgrund einzelner Zitate zu interpretieren, obwohl sie deren Stellenwert gar nicht kennen und falsch einschätzen, entlastende Aspekte ausser Acht lassen, um dann benachteiligende rechtliche Folgerungen in ihren Sinne für die Scientology-Gemeinden und deren einzelne Mitglieder daran zu knüpfen.

          -Weder die verbindliche Lehre von Scientology noch das tatsächliche Verhalten ihrer deutschen Gemeinden geben irgendeinen berechtigten Anlass bzw. Anhaltspunkt, an ihrer Rechtstreue und Achtung der deutschen Rechtsordnung zu zweifeln, wie zahlreiche zum Teil bisher unbekannte behördliche Ermittlungen der letzten 20 Jahre wiederholt selbst bestätigt haben.
          -Aufgrund der recherchierten Fakten drängt es sich geradezu auf, dass die staatliche Repressionvon Scientology allein politisch bestimmt ist, von amtskrichlicher Seite beeinflusst war und jeder rechtlichen und faktischen Grundlage entbehrt.”

          There are not much real empiric studies from socials-cientists about the subject of Scientology. It isn’t an “empirical proof” if you only take in account some negativ expiriences from Ex-Scientologists even if you bring 20 or 50 of them. As long as you do not includ at the same time a representativ amount of activ scientologists it has nothing to do with “empirical proofs”.

      • Chee Chalker

        Define ‘criticism’

        Here’s the Scientology version:
        Deriding another’s views or beliefs. Perfectly acceptable UNLESS AIMED AT SCIENTOLOGY. Criticism about Scientology = Bigotry

  • Kevin Kate

    Hear, hear! Glad to see there are those who know the truth and will speak it. I cringed at the enabler cardinal being honored by the pope. Frontline PBS has a revealing doc. “Secrets of the Vatican” Leah Remini and mike rinder has “scientology and the aftermath” A&E here in the states. We all should be cultless! Love to all!

  • Con Connolly

    All this reminds me of an old adage

    If God talks only to you, they call you mentally disturbed.

    If He talks to you and you have hundreds of followers, they call you a Cult leader.

    If He does and you have thousands, you are a Spiritual leader

    If you have millions of followers, they call you “Your Holiness”.