Saorview customers are advised to check to ensure their service continues. 

Saorview frequencies around the country are changing on March 4th. To ensure continued enjoyment of the Saorview service, customers are advised to visit to find out if they are affected and required to take action. 

  • Why is this happening: Following a decision by the EU, some of the TV broadcast spectrum that is used by Saorview is being reallocated for other purposes. This is part of future-proofing our infrastructure. 
  • When is this happening: Between now and 4th March 2020. 
  • Who is affected: Many customers won’t notice anything at all, some will need to take action to ensure their service continues. 
  • What does this mean: Many customers won’t notice any change. For some a simple rescan or their Saorview box or TV will solve any issues. A small number of customers will need to take further action and should contact Saorview if a channel rescan doesn’t work.

Speaking of the change in frequency, Saorview’s Jim Higgins had this to say: “Most Saorview customers will experience perfect continuity of service. Some customers will need to do a simple channel rescan, while a small number of customers may need to take further action.

“We want to support our customers through this EU led frequency change, and our helpline and call centre is primed with the answers our customers need to continue to enjoy Saorview.” 

Higgins continued: “The important thing is to check if you are affected and to take action now if needed, as our lines will get busy closer to the date. Customers are still able to enjoy service on both the new and old frequencies but after March 4th the old frequency will terminate.”

If you are unsure whether you are affected or not, go to, call 1890 222 012 / 01 258 3540 or email to find out more.