Bitter disappointment has been expressed that the sale of the Presentation Convent building in Mitchelstown has fallen through. 

Local councillor Kay Dawson, said hearing that the sale of the convent would not go ahead was the ‘worst possible news’ members of the Fermoy Municipal Authority could have gotten in relation to the building.

Emphasising that vandalism is a huge issue at the derelict site in the centre of the town, she said: “If this continues, soon there will be nothing there’. It is constantly coming up on the ground with people voicing their concerns. It is very damaged inside,” she said.

An official from Cork County Council outlined in a statement that on February 2, the council was informed the party interested in buying the convent had returned the contracts unsigned and would not proceed with the sale.

The reason for the sale not coming to fruition was highlighted as the difficulties that surround protected structures on the site. It is likely that the the property will go up for auction in March.

Cllr Dawson said she was aware the convent building is private property, but she would like to see something done with it. She added that she knows of a convent in Naas that was turned into housing for the elderly, but it was driven by a social capital group and not a local authority.

A report is to be brought to local councillors regarding potential uses for the convent building.