Some members of Valley Rangers, posing for a dressing room selfie, with The Avondhu Division One League trophy.

Drone footage taken at the Valley Rangers/Mogeely match in Conna on Sunday has become hugely popular on Youtube showing a sensational strike worthy of Ronaldo or Messi from Mikkel Holmgaard, a native of Denmark who has been with Valley rangers for just one season.

And this was just one of five goals scored out of a total of nine on Sunday for Valley by Mikkel.

Mikkel helped to victory in what was their last game of the season, winning The Avondhu Cup in the process. Mikkel had been playing 3rd tier football in his home country prior to his move to Ireland.

“Mikkel is a super player  and has scored no less than 13 league goals for us this season, and that’s with him having missed three or four games,” Derry Cotter told The Avondhu this week.

There is a downside for the Valley Rangers Club though and that is the strong possibility that they will not have Mikkel who works with Apple in Cork, with them next season.

Playing in the WWEC (West Waterford East Cork) league, Valley now find themselves promoted to the premier division.

“We lost only one game this season. Mikkel has been playing with us since the start of the season so it’s fair to say we are not too happy at the prospect of losing him,” Derry said.

Whether they lose him or not, it’s safe to say that Mikkel’s feats with Valley will most likely see him being a strong contender for the the league’s Golden Boot award this year.