A new breakthrough cleaning technology that will prevent over 5,400 litres of chemicals from impacting on the environment per year has been unveiled for use at Cork Airport.

The airport’s cleaning partner, NOONAN, has installed the toxin-free organic cleaning solution Tersano Lotus Pro at the Airport. Transforming ordinary tap water into a powerful cleaning agent, Cork is the first airport in Ireland to introduce this solution.

Cleaning chemical usage is projected to be reduced by over 80% at Cork Airport as a result.

Tersano Lotus Pro, which can be produced on demand, has replaced a wide range of conventional cleaning chemicals at Cork Airport.

The process simply adds an extra atom of oxygen to the water molecule — transforming O2 into O3 — which means that normal tap water can be turned into a cleaning agent that is stronger than bleach, but is as safe as normal water.

Globally, this technology has eliminated the usage of over 300 million litres of chemicals.

This is one of several green programmes at Cork Airport, which includes involvement in the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) for 2020, to improve energy efficiency.


Cork Airport Managing Director Niall MacCarthy said: “Cork Airport is the first Airport in Ireland to use this technology. We are striving like lots of Irish companies to become more green and reduce chemicals and environmentally damaging products.

"Our outsourced cleaning partner NOONAN proposed this solution to us for the Airport and we are very pleased with the result to date.

"In my experience, going green whilst critically important, doesn’t always save money but I am delighted to say in this case, it does, so it wins all round!”